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digital photography (smartphone)

C-type print on Hahnemühle Photo Pearl 310

polyptychs - 70 x 40 cm each


In its most basic form, every house is a cube: four walls, a floor and a roof.


With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the disparities of our society that had previously been overlooked could no longer remain unnoticed. All of a sudden they were there: standing, bold, for all to see. The social and economic abuses of society are unveiled and amplified, as if seen through a magnifying glass. Apart from these concerns, the social distancing and physical isolation measures enforced to control the spread of the disease have made me anxious about the thousands of Brazilians who, like the majority of the population living in other countries of Latin America, Africa, South-eastern Asia and other areas, do not even have a proper dwelling to comply with these regulations in a salubrious way.

I have nine spaces in my house (and a smartphone) to handle this physical isolation. But what about the other many who inhabit this world?


This work consists of smartphone images that depict the ceiling’s four corners in each of the nine spaces of my dwelling. The photographs are presented as polyptychs that suggest how it would be the view from inside a cube.

This work has been featured on the online gallery 'Fotodemic', organised by the International Center of Photography - ICP, and also on the online platform

'Por Dentro de um Tempo Suspenso', conceived by the DOC gallery, and the FotoRio,Tiradentes and Solar Photography Festivals.

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