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book art object

Dominic Clark (UK) & Marilene Ribeiro (Brazil)*



Aiming to trigger a feeling of ‘belonging’ concerning tropical ecosystems in inhabitants of urban areas, Dominic and I invited twenty citizens living in Lincoln (UK) and Belo Horizonte (Brazil) to choose a place or an object at their homes which could somehow remind them the image we delivered to them: a print portraying a wild tropical landscape. We understood that, as participants recognised those natural sites in their places of intimacy, a connection between these individuals and those tropical ecosystems could start.

We then photographed those special places/objects participants selected. As a result, each photograph set out in this book art object comprises a metamorphosis of one environment into another one. It comprises an image of the invisible: the process of re-signification that took place in those individuals’ mind, a photograph of personal urban histories transforming themselves into Natural Landscapes.



* as part of the Collective Body project organised by Clare Charnley & Patrícia Azevedo.

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