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photography printed on voile + collage​ of moth and butterfly corpses

50 x 37 cm each​


In 2011, I found myself involved in a surreal, paranoid situation of obsession and harassment that made me fear an impending dark future each time I arrived home. After having experienced this threat for several months, I decided to channel this distress into my work.

My home’s surroundings consisted of uninhabited plots of land dotted with bushes and trees. Like an investigator from a police thriller I walked carefully throughout these spots,, documenting what could – in my terrorised thoughts – soon become the murder scene in which my own body would be found. By that time, I started to pay attention to the moths and butterflies that entered my house and, once not being capable of finding their way back out, ended up perishing in there. Like myself, they were trapped in their own environment. I started collecting these insects found dead at my place.  I then populated those forensic black & white landscapes I had photographed with these ‘bodies’ that were ‘murdered’ in special circumstances.

Crime Scene resonates with a broader and timeless social and cultural issue, that of women’s vulnerability. This work does not seek answers, it rather addresses the tension and danger that can be triggered at the moment of one human being meeting another.

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